Merry Christmas Eve!

I hope all of you are enjoying your holiday!!!! We’ve been crazy busy over here with all of our last minute shopping 😂😂 but of course I had to find time to crochet!!! I found this paid pattern over on Rthingscreations Etsy site!!! I absolutely love this pattern texture and how easy the pattern is! It’s very well written & I am beyond obsessed with how it looks!!!!

I loved how it was working up and then when I finished the hat I just knew I HAD to add a Pom-pom to the top!!!!

I PROMISE you guys will not be disappointed when you purchase this pattern!!!

I hope you have a very merry Christmas!!! 🎄

Christmas orders!

Hello readers!! 🤩

Is anyone else taken over by Christmas orders?! I am mailing out three packages today and another three tomorrow! After that, I have 12 hats and 7 fingerless gloves sets left to make! 😮😮 BUT!!! I can do this! I hope everyone else is keeping their head above the yarn!!

Here is a peak at a custom order I did today!

I’m in love with the color combo this customer wanted.

Heyy Baby Beanie <– free pattern!! And don’t stop there!! Her patterns are awesome! They work up so quick!!

I hope everyone is doing good! Thank you so much for checking out the blog!

The Layla Bun Beanie

Hey guys!! Here it is!! My newest free pattern!!!!


The Layla Bun Hat
By: West Michigan Designs
*6.00mm hook
*4 ply worsted weight yarn (i used crafters secret from Hobby Lobby)
*Yarn Needle
Sizing is for a teen/adult but if you decrease your hook size to a 5.00 mm hook you’ll be able to have a kid size
SIngle Crochet (SC)
Bean Stitch: Insert hook in next st, YO and pull up a loop (2 loops on hook), YO in same stitch and pull up a loop (4 loops on hook), YO in same stitch once more and pull up a loop (6 loops on hook), YO and pull through all 6 loops on hook, ch 1 to complete stitch.
Bean Stitch Decrease: Insert hook in next st, YO and pull up a loop (2 loops on hook), YO in same stitch and pull up a loop (4 loops on hook), YO in next stitch once more and pull up a loop (6 loops on hook), YO and pull through all 6 loops on hook, ch 1 to complete


**when you bean stitch, you will always skip a stitch between each bean stitch!!**
Chain 10, SC in second chain from hook, chain 1 and turn, *SC in the back loop of each of the 9 stitches.* continue from * to * until you have 55 rows.
Use your crochet hook to slip stitch the two ends of your brim together, chain 1.

Hat Body-
Round 1: SC 60 times around the side of your brim, slip stitch and chain 1.
Rounds 2-8: Bean Stitch until you reach the beginning, chain 1 and TURN. Turning feels weird with a beanie, but this is the way to get the bean stitch to work properly in the round!
Round 10: *Bean stitch in next 3 stitches, bean stitch decrease* Repeat * to *

Round 11: *Bean Stitch in next 2 stitches, bean stitch decrease* Repeat * to *

Round 12: *Bean stitch in next 1 stitch, bean stitch decrease* Repeat * to * Finish off!
Thank you for supporting my small business! Please do not alter or sell this pattern as your own.
Stay warm & Crochet on!

Cactus Pillow

Have you ever walked past a cactus and thought…just one touch won’t hurt?’s gonna hurt lol 😂 but!! What I made won’t hurt! It’s meant to cuddle!

Scrolling through Pinterest I found this adorable cactus pillow. Of course I didn’t have the bulky yarn that the pattern called for but that didn’t stop me. I pulled out my 6.5mm hook and worsted weight yarn and I made this pillow!

I think it’s one of the cutest pillows ever and since cacti are in right now, this is perfect!!

The pattern is great because you can use any size yarn and any size hook!!!

I’m offering custom orders for them for $20, which I don’t think is bad. I hate pricing stuff because I always feel like I’m underselling my stuff or I’m charging too much, but I felt comfortable with the price I chose.

You can find this FREE pattern at the link below

Cactus Pillow

I hope you guys enjoy the pattern as much as I did!

Stay crafty & Crochet on!

Penelope Dress!

(Photo from Sewrellas Blog)

When it comes to finding crochet patterns that are easy to read, have photos and list all the supplies needed…it feels like you fall down a deep hole of millions of patterns! Ive been so sick of the same old crochet patterns! I’m tired of making hats, cozys, and scarves! YOU GUYS! stop looking!! Sewrella just came out with this beautiful dress pattern! it is so simple & yet so elegant! her instructions are very easy to read, every single supply is listed and better yet….its made with 4 ply yarn! I always get so frustrated when I fall in love with a pattern and it calls for a weight of yarn that I don’t have in my stash (lol).

This dress could be dressed up or even worn comfortably!! The possibilities are endless!!! So many color options and varieties!

I have started my Penelope dress and I cannot wait to have it finished!

So to sum this up, if you want a beginner friendly, easy to read, beautiful dress pattern…look no more!

if you want an ad free/printer friendly version, head over to sewrella’s etsy site for the very reasonably priced pattern!

Sewrella Etsy

Click the link below for the FREE pattern on Sewrella’s blog!

Penelope Dress

Thank you to Sewrella for letting me use her photo for my blog post!

Stay crafty & Crochet on!

New yarn colors?!

So I was walking around Joann Fabrics and I had a cart full of yarn, because we always need more yarn right?!? 😂 I turned the isle and to my surprise I saw all these new colors!!!!! I was so excited! I put ALL the yarn I had in my cart away and just had to get five of these new colors!!! I’m currently working with one right now and they are so fun! I love how the colors are random and how it looks!!! I’ll update once I get hats finished in this yarn! ❤️

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Be yourself!

It’s so hard these days to not want to design what’s “in” . We all want our designs to be liked and the hottest thing on the internet, but we need to focus more on being us! Be the real you, it’s the best you! I’ll admit it does hurt a bit when my newest pattern isn’t being purchased on Etsy and isn’t being talked about like some patterns are, but not everyone will like what I design and I’m ok with that. We can’t break ourselves down because we want to fit in and that’s hard to deal with at first, but guess what? No one is a better you, than you!!!! Be true to yourself, design what you want, don’t try to fit in, you’ll only end up miserable and you’ll end up questioning everything you do, believe me I’ve been there.

Do you & don’t worry about what everyone thinks. ❤️❤️❤️

HDC Granny Square

Today I was scrolling through the crochet group ‘Repeat Crafter Me Crochet’. I came across this beautiful granny square that was made by Joanna Gadicke. I loved how neat and tight the granny square looked! I just had to know how she did it! Little to my surprise, when you change DC to HDC, the granny square looks so much different! After getting a few notes from Joanna, I started one this morning!!! I used a 6.00mm hook and Hobby Lobby’s I love this yarn in ‘fruit salad’

Here is the way I made the HDC Granny Square

*Start with a magic circle

*Ch 2 (counts as a HDC), 2 HDC, ch 2, 2 HDC, ch 2, 2 HDC continue this until you have 4 ch2 spaces (which make up your corners) slip stitch to top of ch 2

*ch 2, place 2 HDC’s into the ch2 space from the previous row, ch 1, (CORNER) 3 HDC’s into ch 2 space, ch 2, 3 HDC’s in same space, ch1. Continue until you reach the beginning HDC’s and place 3 HDC’s into the ch 2 space and ch 2. Slip stitch to top of ch 2.

*(this is your repeat row) ch 2, place 2 HDC’s in previous ch 2 space. Ch 1, place 3 HDC’s in ch 1 space, ch 1, repeat the pattern for the corner (listed above) after your corner is done ch1, place 3 HDC’s in each ch 1 space and repeat the corner pattern each time you come to a corner.

Easy as pie!

If you try it, I’d love to see! Again thanks so much to Joanna for sharing this beautiful granny square in our group!